First Puzzles Crusade NFT Airdrop for its OG Ambassadors

Puzzles Crusade: The Awakening
2 min readNov 23, 2023

We are happy to announce that on 1st of December we will drop the very first editions of a Puzzles Crusade NFT — The OG Ambassador Pass.

This is a unique NFT meant only for our Ambassadors, and it comes as a token of gratitude from the team for the tremendous amount of work they have put in through good and bad times, remaining close to the team and believing in us.

The OG Ambassador Pass will grant its owners:
1. A free mint during our Genesis collection launch
2. A one time token allocation of 100$ during public sale.

The OG Ambassador Pass is a tradable and transferable NFT if one would decide to. However, the ”OG Ambassador” discord role is not transferable with this NFT Pass. Selling or transferring this pass will result in loss of the ”OG Ambassador” role.

As a buyer/receiver you are eligible for the free mint and token allocation, but you do not gain the ”OG Ambassador” role by purchasing the NFT.

Process details:
All our Ambassadors are asked to provide their polygon addresses in a dedicated channel in our discord by 30th of November. Failing in providing your address before the deadline will result in loss of your discord role as well as forfeiting your NFT claim. Although we do not expect to have our Ambassadors missing their deadline, in the unlikely event of someone not claiming their NFT, we might consider opening our door for a couple new Ambassadors.

Disclaimer: Puzzles Crusade is currently in active development. The information and details provided in these articles are based on the state of the game at the time of writing. Please be aware that game development is an ongoing process, and changes and improvements may occur over time. Aspects of the game, such as features, mechanics, and content, may be subject to alteration, enhancement, or refinement as we progress. We appreciate your understanding and support as we work to create the best possible gaming experience.



Puzzles Crusade: The Awakening

Puzzles Crusade is a breathtaking play and earn Match3 RPG. The game combines match-3 puzzle elements with NFT hero collection and strategy gameplay.