Hero Leveling: Limits and resource costs

Puzzles Crusade: The Awakening
4 min readFeb 9, 2024

Just as no two leaves on the same tree are identical, there are no two heroes alike in terms of the transformation achieved over time. Heroes have different rarities, ranging from 1* to 5*. Each rarity grade has, by definition, limits that determine the maximum development a hero can achieve and the number of Ascensions they can undergo.

The evolution of each hero starts at level 1, and each Ascension expands the maximum level they can reach by 10 levels. To avoid turning the description of this process into theoretical quantum physics, let’s illustrate it with specific numbers.

Maximum Level vs Ascension Tier

To scale the power gained and advance further in the grid presented above, the required experience that heroes must obtain increases exponentially. In other words, to reach a higher level, heroes need to be trained more and used in battles, quests, and other activities.

The cost of resources for experience:
Those who eat well have a beautiful body, vitality, and the stamina needed to face challenges. The process of “feeding” the heroes in the game involves a symbiosis between training them with other heroes and simultaneously consuming a quantity of food.

Each hero used in the training of a superior hero is generically called a feeder hero. For each feeder hero used, the amount of food consumed varies depending on the main hero’s star rating, ascension tier, and the current level caps they have reached.

For level 1, the food cost varies from 1000 for 1* heroes to 5000 for legendary 5* heroes. These values increase proportionally as heroes progress level by level.

For example, the food cost for a 4-star hero at level 10 would be 4000 (base cost) * [1 + (10 * 2%)] = 4800 food cost required for each feeder hero used.

Additional resources used for ascension:
The world of Puzzles Crusade is full of surprises and unexpected rewards. Quests, Titan battles, or progress in the regular season can bring a variety of rewards with each victorious battle. These rewards can prove indispensable in the hero ascension process. A hero can perform ascension only after reaching their current maximum level. Once they reach this point, the Level Up button becomes inactive and cannot be used until the hero undergoes ascension.

Ascension requires specific materials that vary based on the ascension level and the color/element of the hero. So, at different times for ascension, the following can be used: Arcane Scripts, Strong Ropes, Leather Armor, Daggers, Scabbards, Chainmail Shirts, and Hidden Blades (for red heroes), Warm Capes (for Blue Heroes), Sturdy Shields (for Green Heroes), Orbs of Magic (for Yellow heroes), Trap Tools (for Purple Heroes), Compass and Fine Gloves for all elements. Absolutely, each of them is important. They have different rarities and contribute to making heroes better and stronger.

Bottom line:
Resources are finite and limited. Creativity in economic activities, such as production and trade, ensures the circulation of resources and provides the energy necessary for moving forward. The strategy of using resources gradually or concentrating them at certain times can significantly optimize or boost wealth and power.

In Puzzles Crusade, heroes are the main actors used in the storm of battles. However, they require preparation, evolution, transformation, and the consumption of resources. The art of managing hero development levels simultaneously with the available resources can make the difference between an average journey and an exceptional one.

Disclaimer: Puzzles Crusade is currently in active development. The information and details provided in these articles are based on the state of the game at the time of writing. Please be aware that game development is an ongoing process, and changes and improvements may occur over time. Aspects of the game, such as features, mechanics, and content, may be subject to alteration, enhancement, or refinement as we progress. We appreciate your understanding and support as we work to create the best possible gaming experience.



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