How to Get Heroes in Puzzles Crusade?

Puzzles Crusade: The Awakening
4 min readOct 30, 2023

In the fantastical world of Puzzles Crusade, a pivotal aspect of your epic journey revolves around Awakening Heroes. You can call forth powerful heroes using the mystical process of Awakening, as you enter the magical Awakening Portal.

Awakening Shards (Gems): The Key to Awakening
The process of Awakening in Puzzles Crusade relies on the acquisition of Awakening Shards or, simply put — gems. These Shards are scattered throughout your journey, earned through your victories in battles, quests, and challenges, or even discovered as rare treasures. The Shards hold the essence of heroes waiting to be awakened and take their place in your hero roster. Sometimes you can get a Golden Hero Awakening Token — which will grant you a free pull.

The Awakening Portal: Gateway to Heroic Beings
Once you’ve gathered a sufficient number of Summoning Shards, you’re ready to embark on the mesmerizing Ritual of Awakening. To begin your quest for exceptional heroes, the player must step through the portal known as the Awakening Portal. This is where the magic happens, and heroes are brought forth from distant dimensions to join your cause. Within this mystical gateway, players may use gems or tokens acquired through battles to perform the Awakening ritual.

Types of Awakening: Daily, Epic, Elemental and beyond
The process of Awakening in Puzzles Crusade offers various modes. The Daily Awakening is a constant presence, as the name implies, and can be performed daily. Other Awakening types rotate depending on the time of the month or year, adding an element of excitement to the gameplay. Each type of Awakening provides unique opportunities to summon heroes.

Awakening Costs and Percentages
The daily awakening costs 150 gems. A regular pull from the Epic, Elemental or any other seasonal/event awakening each cost the same: 300 gems for one pull or 2600 for a 10-pull. You can also use a Golden Hero Awakening Token.

The daily awakening is the cheapest option. As the name implies, you also receive a free awakening each day. With each daily awakening you perform you get a 48% chance for a 1* hero, 47% chance for a 2* hero and a 5% chance for a 3* hero — which is the best reward that you can receive from the daily awakening.

The Epic Awaking guarantees you a 3* hero as the minimum reward. This is why it is best to save up your gems for these awakening options rather than spend them on the daily awakening. With each Epic awakening you get a 72% chance for a 3* hero, 26% of a 4* hero and 2% chance for a 5* hero. Receiving a Golden Hero Awakening Token allows you a free Epic Hero pull with same percentages.

The Elemental Awakening operates exactly the same mechanics, with the sole difference that each pull will get you a hero of the featured element. The featured element rotates every 48 hours, giving you the chance to complete your team with the right element hero. The percentages are the same as for the epic Awakening — 72% chance for a 3* hero, 26% of a 4* hero and 2% chance for a 5* hero, and the Golden Hero Awakening Token can be used on an Elemental Awakening as well.

Hero of the Month
Apart from the daily awakenings, each awakening type has a 1.3% chance of getting the current Hero of the Month as a bonus. This bonus awakening is provided to you in addition to your actual draw, thus rewarding two heroes from one awakening when it occurs. The Hero of the Month is always a 5* hero.

It should be noted that heroes are not solely acquired via awakening. You may also acquire 1* — 5* heroes from various levels of the Training Camps, and 1* and 2* heroes may be acquired as rewards for completing stages in the PvE mode of the game. But, we'll talk more about this in a separated post dedicated to buildings you get inside your castle.

Bottom line….
In Puzzles Crusade, the journey to Awakening Heroes is a significant part of the game’s rich narrative and strategic gameplay. As you accumulate Awakening Shards and master the Ritual of Awakening, you’ll gather a formidable team of heroes to conquer the challenges that lie ahead. Remember, practice, strategy, and the mystical art of Awakening will be your guide on this thrilling adventure.

Disclaimer: Puzzles Crusade is currently in active development. The information and details provided in these articles are based on the state of the game at the time of writing. Please be aware that game development is an ongoing process, and changes and improvements may occur over time. Aspects of the game, such as features, mechanics, and content, may be subject to alteration, enhancement, or refinement as we progress. We appreciate your understanding and support as we work to create the best possible gaming experience.



Puzzles Crusade: The Awakening

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