Puzzles Crusade Roadmap

Puzzles Crusade: The Awakening
4 min readOct 16, 2023

The whats and whens of our journey.

Let’s dive a bit into Puzzles Crusade’s pre-history. We are a group of friends passionate about gaming and crypto. The idea about building a game on blockchain struck us in early 2022. We created a Twitter profile and started posting our ideas and sketches of what the game would look like. The feedback we got from the crypto community was way beyond our expectations, encouraging us to pursue our idea further. It took us more than a year to put everything together, assemble the team and set up some realistic goals. And here we are in Q4 2023, presenting our roadmap to the world, while in background working on the game development.

Q1/2024 - BIG BANG:
We start big in Q1/2024 by unveiling a comprehensive closed alpha version of Puzzles Crusade, showcasing intricate mechanics and immersive gameplay elements to substantiate our concept. Progressing from this milestone, we will actively solicit feedback from our community, fostering an iterative development process. On the ”academic” side of things we will define and release our game and token whitepaper. This is also the time when we will start the whitelisting process for our one and only Genesis heroes sale.

+ Game and Token Whitepaper 1.0
+ Closed Alpha Demo Version 0.01
+ Community Expansion
+ Active Whitelisting

Q2/2024 - AWAKENING:
We drive Puzzles Crusade forward, bringing it to our early adopters. This is the time when the Genesis Heroes sale will take place — giving you the possibility to get your hands on our most scarce game assets — the Genesis heroes. Soon after, a heroes stacking mechanism will be revealed. Q2 of 2024 is a huge step forward for the whole ecosystem as this is when we project to launch on iOS and Android marketplaces. For security, we will partner with CertiK, auditing the $Puzzle contract and securing the community, prior to token launch.

+ Genesis Heroes Sale
+ Certik audit
+ App 1.0 Launch on IOS and Android
+ Hero Stacking

Q3/2024 - EXPANSION:
The PvP Battle mode will infuse lots of utility for our Genesis Heroes holders, and for the first time will give them the opportunity to leverage their heroes in a face to face confrontation. We’re determined to capture the majority of crypto gaming enthusiasts, becoming a leading blockchain-based mobile game. Our aim: daily gameplay habit driven by fun, earnings and true ownership. $Puzzle is both governance and in-game currency, granting voting power. Rewards mainly in $Puzzle enhance value.

+ PvP Battle Mode Launch
+ $Puzzle Token Official Launch
+ Legendary Heroes Sale
+ Monthly thematic in-game events

Q4/2024 — CONQUEST:
Our target for Q4/2024 is a very high aiming one: 100k daily users by year-end. We plan on achieving this by working hard on building a genuine community, held together by the fun people have playing the game. This will be achieved by constant updates and improvements of the game. Tribe Wars will also act as a breath of fresh air for OGs, as this is when our players will enter a collective PvP mode for the first time.

+ iOS and Android App Version 2.0
+ Tribes Wars
+ Reach 100K Daily Active Users

2025 is all about Metaverse. After a year in which we glide from Alpha version of the game to being a fully developed web3 game with all it’s mechanics and game economy set in place, we will fully concentrate on scaling the Puzzles Crusade ecosystem and build it into a truly immersive metaverse. We’ll shine by listing $Puzzle on top exchanges, reaching millions of crypto investors, and simply continue building.

+ $Puzzle Listing on Top 5 CEXs
+ Land and Substantial Assets Auctions
+ 1 Million Daily Active Users
+ Establishing the DAO

Bottom Line…
We are here to revolutionize the web3 gaming space. Puzzles Crusade is meant to be ENJOYABLE and this is what we are putting our efforts in daily. The roadmap presented above is our perspective on how this journey should unfold, and we will do our best to bring this vision to life.



Puzzles Crusade: The Awakening

Puzzles Crusade is a breathtaking play and earn Match3 RPG. The game combines match-3 puzzle elements with NFT hero collection and strategy gameplay.