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Puzzles Crusade: The Awakening
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A true crusade needs its “crusaders.” In Puzzles Crusade, these are the heroes. We’ve already discovered in one of our previous articles, how you can get them, but is it enough? A hero is good, a strong one is great, but a ”maxed out” one is formidable. Let’s see how you can turn your heroes into true fighting machines through the process of leveling up.

Leveling up
The widespread paradigm of progress is to become a better version of oneself. The heroes in Puzzles Crusade are no exception to this theory. Leveling up a hero involves improving several essential characteristics. The most important ones are health, attack power, and defense. Additionally, as heroes level up, their special skills are refined over time. Even though heroes become stronger, the leveling process has limits defined by the rarity grade (number of stars) of the heroes. It’s crucial in the game strategy to strengthen heroes because once a hero reaches his maximum level, it can be several times more powerful than its initial version.

Hero Leveling Guide
How does this happen from a technical perspective? Plain and simple. Each hero is represented as a card. At the bottom of the card, there are two development buttons: “Level Up” and “Ascend.” Each training button serves specific functions. “Leveling Up” represents the stages of hero development. “Ascension” can only be accessed after reaching a predetermined number of specific levels.

Select the hero to be used
Once you’ve selected the hero you want to level up, select one or more heroes which will be used as ”food/fuel” for the hero you want to level up. As you will select the ”food/fuel” heroes, they will be highlighted with a white aura, and the XP bar will display the level of experience and additional power that is to be gained by your main hero. It will also indicate the estimated percentage of improvement in special abilities. For each selection, a consumption of food from the owned resources is required. For higher levels of experience, in addition to food, quantities of metal and other goods obtained in the game process may also be requested.

Green for leveling
After selecting the ”food/fuel” heroes, to complete the leveling process, you need to press the green button: “Level Up”. An animation (which can be skipped) in which the heroes and resources used will be added to the main hero represents the confirmation of the entire process. After its completion, all the experience from the XP bar and, if applicable, the new special abilities of the hero, will be assigned to them and can be used in the game by default, every time the hero is part of a team.

Tips and Tricks for good Practices
Using Training Heroes is highly effective for maximizing the experience points gained. Training Heroes are already “fully ascended and leveled,” and their contribution to hero training is substantial.

Using heroes of the same elemental color for training can add up to 25% more experience compared to using heroes of different elemental colors.

To optimize resource usage, it’s advisable to use 10 or more heroes simultaneously when training a hero. Even though the XP gained remains the same, the chances of leveling up the special skill significantly increase using this method.

An ongoing debate revolves around whether to level up five different heroes simultaneously or use all resources and heroes to train just one. The answer to this dilemma is — it depends.

In the early stages of the game, when your hero roster is smaller and less populated, and resources are limited, it’s often better to concentrate all resources on strengthening a single hero. In the later stages of the game, the strategy of leveling up five heroes simultaneously ensures a more optimized use of resources.

Bottom line
Leveling up heroes is an essential process in the game for the qualitative development of heroes and the overall gaming experience. Achieving more efficient results with fewer resources is much more interactive. This, like a classic investment at the beginning, ensures unexpected rewards and satisfaction in the medium and long term. This is the true power of leveling up.

Technical aspects like Level Caps and Experience gained versus resources used (with exact numbers) will be explored in the next article.

Disclaimer: Puzzles Crusade is currently in active development. The information and details provided in these articles are based on the state of the game at the time of writing. Please be aware that game development is an ongoing process, and changes and improvements may occur over time. Aspects of the game, such as features, mechanics, and content, may be subject to alteration, enhancement, or refinement as we progress. We appreciate your understanding and support as we work to create the best possible gaming experience.



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